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"You'll never forget your iPhone headphone adapter ever again."


The Story 

You bought your brand new iPhone, and while you love the new camera, you miss the old 3.5mm headphone jack. The headphone adapter that comes with the iPhone is great, but you don't have it on you all the time like you did with earlier versions of the iPhone.

For example, you leave the house, and you're barely going to catch the bus as it is. Right as you shut the door behind you, you realize you don't have the headphone adapter on you. Where is it?! You forgot it. AGH.

Maybe you just bought a set of noise-cancelling headphones that only have a 3.5mm jack and you would like to use them everywhere you go. When you need to use them with your MacBook you unplug them from the adapter but now you have to worry about keeping that adapter close.

Or you're just the music person of your friend group (shout out to the aux cord DJs). You're not sure if there'll be bluetooth speakers at the parties you go to or cars you're in.

During the iPhone 7 launch, Apple announced the removal of the headphone jack. The reasoning behind the change was described as "courage".

We created the Uncourage plug because everyone should have the option to use whatever speakers they want, whenever they want.

We love the idea of a wireless world, but a lot of the devices we use are still connected by a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Uncourage plug is a convenient way to carry the adapter around with you so you don't lose or forget it.


The Product

The Uncourage headphone plug has unibody construction and is 100% splash and water-resistant (as resistant as metal can be). And, as we like to say, it is made with the same scratch resistance as your new Jet Black iPhone ;)

We're not affiliated with Apple, but we seriously love high quality products. We designed and prototyped the Uncourage plug ourselves so it works perfectly with your iPhone headphone adapter.

We made Uncourage to work with the new Lightning or USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack dongles and standard size keychains.

The Uncourage Plug is in full production and we're taking orders from everyone. Check out the GIFs and photos below for a closer look.


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